UFO Sightings Cross Shaped Object Returns March 12th 2017

UFO Videos – UFO Sightings March 2017

UFO Sightings Morphing UFO. This UFO was filmed in Wisconsin. This UFO is constantly changing shape. At one point the UFO seems to have spikes. This UFO was not moving fast at all. You can clearly tell the UFO is reflecting the environment. No idea what the UFO is made of. Just excellent UFO footage on this one.
Our next UFO Sighting comes to us from North Carolina. This UFO was filmed by a drone over a school yard. This footage is out of control. The user moves the drone upward and the second he moves it toward the UFO the drone loses control and crashes. Was it an EMP blast? Who knows except for the user is out $1500 from the drone crashing. This footage is almost too good to be true and we are going to say it’s up in the air on this one no pun intended.

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