World Largest Alien Pyramid In Extraterrestrial UFO Base In California

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This amazing video is different because you can verify all mind blowing facts not lifting from the spot you are sitting at. January 26, 1951 USS Independence giant 650 feet long aircraft carrier – nicknamed “The Mighty One” – was nuked and sunk 50 miles south west of San Francisco. In 1970 NAVY dumped 48,000 radioactive barrels on top of it, killing all marine life from Farallon Islands to Half Moon bay. Nuke and dump radioactive carrier near populated California coast seemed the dumbest decision US Navy ever made. But in truth – they were trying to eradicate ancient alien base near California shore.
Locals were constantly finding strange and unexplainable things on the beaches of central California. The most curious were multiple 24 Karat solid gold bars about 5 ounce weight each with Egyptian like inscriptions found by 2 different people washed ashore. It is not possible to tell when they were made because carbon dating is only good for organic materials but not good for metals, but judging by their condition they were underwater for centuries long before first Europeans colonized California. You might remember the story published earlier this year of a Nordic looking woman found ashore in strange gold clothes who was found on Central California same shore. Her dress was made by nano gold tread unseen on earth. She could not remember anything of her past and spoke a strange dialect of Coptic language. After researching these weird findings on Central California shore Kryan channel traveled to the central California coast – only to find out that it was sealed from the public and the strange lights coming out of it at night. You can easily verify those lights coming from the shallow ocean water – they shown on Google earth as well as leaked National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The waters were guarded by several coast guards boats. And the entire beach was covered in fog in a sunny day. We talked to coast guard service officers and they told us they are here every day not to let anyone to pass beyond the fog and they are also not allowed to travel beyond the fog because of its US NAVY jurisdiction but not California coast guard. One of them said that recent California storms exposed something on the beach that should have remained hidden. Undeterred, we hired the small subs with divers and what we found underwater was incredible.

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