UFO shot down – Netherlands Earthquake – Falling UFO

UFO Videos – UFO Sightings – May 2017

we just got this video material send to us by a local witness for the Netherlands. At around 3.30AM there was a major earthque and the epicenter was arrouind Scholteren. The epicentrum was around Schlochteren according to the KNMI. The source was lying 3 kilometers below the surface. Right at the time this earthquake happened, a local resident recorded this video footage. The witness was filming the area where he was living because he noticed some unusald activity the night before. He was using a professional video camera when he noticed a UFO flyng above his town. Suddenly he felt a small earthqua, nothing major, but right after that the object he was witnessing started to behave very strange. It qdsdds Iooked like it lost all of its propulsion systems and was falling down the ground. It tried to correct it’s path a couple of times but it was unsuccesfull. The object full onto the ground as far as we known.
The object was trying to change it course, but the damouge was to severe. Our witness tried to track the object as long as possible but suddenly the object disappeared out of focus.

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