Best Ever Recorded Alien UFO Flight In Human History Filmed In US & Canada

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It took this Alien UFO over 2 days in May 2017 to slowly fly from Nevada area 51 to North Pole. It was filmed in 4 US States: Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and 2 Canadian Provinces: British Colombia and Yukon. Most of the recordings were done in broad daylight so as you can see that object was unmistakable typical UFO saucer like shape. Yet only 2 Canadian TV stations reported about it and no single US station said a word about the encounter despite thousands people seeing it and hundreds of photographs and video recordings. It was first filmed early morning in Northern Nevada. Then it was seen flying over rural Oregon on relatively low altitude so many took videos and photos of it. After that it was recorded by aircrafts radar east of Washington coast and video taped as well. Than it hit urban areas of Seattle and Vancouver where the best close up recording of this UFO Alien saucer, like this one, were produced where it was flying very low in the water between Seattle and Vancouver. Following morning it was recorded again near Alaska coast. By the evening UFO reached Yukon and North Alaska. Next morning Arctic Ocean research ship also recorded slow moving airborne object on its radars.

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